Freezing Membership

We do not freeze monthly memberships.  If you need to drop your class for a month or longer you will need to register again for the class as log as we have availability.  $25 registration fee will be applied with all new registrations.

30 Days Notice Required to Drop a Class

We require 30 days notice to drop a class.  If you notify us you need to drop a class with less than 30 days notice you will be responsible to pay the full months tuition.  

Registering for a class mid month

Athletes that register mid month are charged a full month.  We do not prorate any tuition. We suggest registering on the 1st of the month you would like to join a class.

Private Coaching

If you are interested  in a private please register (free of charge) for our Private Waitlist by typing in 'Private Waitlist' into the search bar in our online registration link. 
You will be contacted once we have availability for your athlete.

Make Up lessons

We do not offer make up lessons for any missed class or private lessons for any reason. 

What is Finish Strong at Kay's Loft?

Finish Strong at Kay's Loft is a curated collection of high-quality coaches designed to help you achieve your tumbling & acrobatic skills.